Wednesday, March 27, 2013

See the Movie Review: The Films of the Nineties

Compiled by man-and-wife college professors in Connecticut, this compendium of nearly 3,330 movies released to theaters in the 1990s provides details on the production companies, leading performers, directors and others responsible for the work along with brief descriptions and occasional reviews.

Not included in this reference are documentaries, porn films, experimental works or independent features that escaped the attention of film critics during the decade.

The authors give an overview assessment of the decade's films in a brief introduction, complaining about a preponderance of movies based on old TV series, gratuitous violence, and a "dearth of writers who know how to tell a story." But they rave about the abundance of  excellent character actors working their magic during the 1990s, from Steve Buscemi in Fargo and Simon Callow in Shakespeare in Love to Stockard Channing in First Wives Club and Judi Dench in the James Bond movies.

"The day will come when some critic will complain that they don't make movies like those of the 1990s anymore," they conclude.

A Complete, Qualitative Filmography of Over 3000 Feature-Length English Language Films, Theatrical and Video-Only, Released Between January 1, 1990, and December 31, 1999
by Robert A. Nowlan