Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Old Books: Plain Enemies

The years 1830-1870 were years of expansion west as the U.S. Government encouraged patriots to civilize its great untamed wilderness.  But the West was already occupied - by native citizens.  The conflicts that ensued are legendary, but many stories are yet to be told. Veteran author Bob Scott brings many of these more obscure stories to light.

The flood of immigrants threatened the Indian way of life and they resisted. As the white invasion escalated, a struggle ensued, with both factions violently contending for land and lifestyle.

In Plain Enemies, Bob Scott compiles narratives of faith and fear, heroism and horror, strength and stupidity, love and hatred. Attempting to present both sides of the story, the author discloses evil walking in both boots and moccasins, with honorable humankind inhabiting forts, soddies -- and teepee villages.
Best True Stories of the Frontier West
by Robert J. "Bob" Scott
Caxton Press, 1995