Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good Old Books: Household Ecology

With industry and government reluctant - or even unwilling -  to help clean up pollution, the responsibility of saving the environment falls increasingly on the individual.

Household Ecology is the long-awaited and desperately needed comprehensive guide to ecologicallly "safe" living. Instead of the hackneyed "don'ts," here are hundreds of imaginative, positive suggestions that any consumer can put into practice immediately - and effectively.

Here are scores of natural, efficient, and biodegradable substitutes for laundry detergents, furniture polish, and other chemical household cleansers.

Non-toxic beauty aids, medicines, and tranquilizers that are guaranteed free of side effects, as nature intended them. (Use olive oil as a skin-softener and coffee as a laxative!)... Insect sprays and repellants that work against insects instead of people and all of whose ingrediewnts come from the country store.

Household Ecology
by Julia Percivall and Pixie Burger
Prentice-Hall, 1971