Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Old Books: 150 Science Experiments Step-By-Step

150 Science Experiments Step-By-Step
by Judith Viorst
Bantam Books, 1967

You don't have to be a scientific expert to perform valuable, exciting
scientific experiments. With the new, simple, step-by-step methods outlined in this book you can:

> Build your own laboratory.
> Make your own slide rules, wind vanes, barometers and dozens of other valuable pieces of scientifi apparatus.

Discover how flowers reproduce. Learn how your lungs and senses operate. Discover the basic elements of chemical change. Find out about computer mathematics and scores of other fascinating scientific wonders.

Complete with the Periodic Table of Elements, Laws of Matter, Weights and Measures, Centigrade to Fahrenheit Conversion Table, and Charts of the Animal and Plant Kingdoms.

150 Science Experiments Step-By-Step
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